“Core Medical should be your first stop for back pain relief and neck pain relief! Both my husband and myself have undergone PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment with this team with fantastic results. Not realizing I had fractured my spine in my 20s (snowboarding isn’t for the weak), I’ve suffered with back pain for two decades. I constantly “threw my lower back out” every 6-8 weeks. Only after intolerable pain started from my neck traveling down into my shoulder and arm, did I search for a year for various forms of relief, wanting to avoid surgery at all costs! Finally, after finding Core Medical and obtaining an MRI that revealed two slipped discs, and a combined treatment plan with Core Therapy & Spinal Decompression using physical therapy, spinal decompression and PRP injections, I finally found relief! The kindness of this team, which makes you feel as comfortable as family, and the customized plan tailored to what will work specifically for you, (crafted by a professional, not an insurance company), is what makes Core Medical five stars. I just finished my complete treatment of PRP today (boosters recommended) and can say my pain has improved tremendously, I expect even greater results as time goes on. My husband is just starting his boosters after two pain free years since his PRP. Stop looking through articles, videos, stretches, chiropractors, massages and surgery options and call Core Medical and Core Medical & Aesthetics now!”

- Julie

“Core Medical offers an alternative to joint replacements and joint pain. If you don’t know what medical alternative medicine involves, call and ask for this vital information. I will be having treatments for my knees, hips and shoulders without pain and downtime from surgeries”

- Peggy

“Core medical is amazing. These people are experts in their field. I have 100% trust and faith in them after they have shown me results. I was in so much pain before starting treatment and I am now so much better! They gave me a customized treatment plan and informed me of everything I needed to know before starting it. I ask a ton of questions and they never make me feel rushed, they are patient and take all the time I need. Dr Laura is amazing with the injections and treatments, Charlie is amazing with physical therapy and the whole staff is so welcoming and nice, you feel right at home at each visit. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and am so excited to complete my therapy!”

- Kelly