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Manual Therapy

Our providers utilize manual techniques to help relieve muscle tension, improve joint mobility, and increase nerve communication. With one-on-one treatment, we always provide a hands-on approach to treatment:
Certified in many of these, our providers continue to further their education to provide the highest quality of care. Stepping away from traditional exercise-based physical therapy treatments, we will always help guide your exercise routines. Strengthening and joint stabilization are always encouraged, but our philosophy is that patients heal faster with a therapeutic touch. We strive to provide individualized care through these hands-on techniques to get to the root cause of the problem.
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Charles Whaley

Charles is the proud owner of Core Therapy & Spinal Decompression. He feels God has blessed him with the opportunity to be his own business owner and provide the highest quality care for his patients. At Core Therapy, he has been able to step back from traditional physical therapy treatments and focus on manual therapy to aid in pain relief, nerve mobilization, muscle release, and improved joint mobility. Charles has experience in orthopedics, pediatrics, neuro, and regenerative medicine throughout his 11-year career, but has found his niche here.

Charles has certifications in many manual techniques, which he can utilize on every patient, as every treatment is individualized for each person. Along with these, learning the importance of true spinal decompression and maintaining a healthy spine throughout life can create an active lifestyle. Returning patients to their normal lives and hobbies is his ultimate goal at Core Therapy.

In collaboration with Laura Clark and the team at Core Medical, he focuses on providing the best care for patients who want to avoid surgery and improve their quality of life.